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No they are not

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Q: Is Jeremy lamb and doron lamb related?
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Are Jeremy and doron lamb related?


Does doron lamb have any brothers?

Most people assume because of the last names that Jeremy Lamb of UCONN and Doron Lamb of UK are brothers, but they are not.

Is doron lamb and Jeremy lamb cousins?

Probably, aren't all black people cousins, u know what up cuz

When was Doron Lamb born?

Doron Lamb was born on 1991-11-06.

How tall is Doron Lamb?

NBA player Doron Lamb is 6'-04''.

What NBA team does Doron Lamb play for?

Doron Lamb plays for the Orlando Magic.

How much does Doron Lamb weigh?

NBA player Doron Lamb weighs 200 pounds.

What position does Doron Lamb play?

Doron Lamb plays shooting guard for the Orlando Magic.

What is Doron Lamb's number on the Orlando Magic?

Doron Lamb is number 1 on the Orlando Magic.

What college did NBA player Doron Lamb play for?

NBA player Doron Lamb played for Kentucky.

How old is Doron Lamb?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Doron Lamb is 22 years old.

Is Tyler Lamb related to Jeremy Lamb?

I dont think so