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in my school

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Q: Is Jason Williams an All-Star in the NBA?
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Which NBA player went by the nickname White Chocolate?

Jason Williams Jason Williams

Has Jason Williams won an nba mvp?


Who is Jason Williams?

a black nba player

How old is Jason Williams?

Former NBA point guard Jason Williams is 42 years old (birthdate: November 18, 1975).

Did Jason Williams have a 100 million dollar contract in the NBA?

ahhh no.

Where did Jason Williams obtain his basketball skills before the NBA?


How man times do Jason Williams is an All-Star in the NBA?


Who is White Chocolate?

White Chocolate is a nickname for former NBA player Jason Williams. He was a point guard for several teams in the NBA.

How do you do the dunk contest on NBA live?

It depends on which NBA Live you are talking about. On PS2 it should be a mode under NBA allstar weekend.

Where can one buy a Jason Williams jersey?

There are a number of options available for one to purchase a Jason Williams jersey. One can find these available on sites such as NBA Fan Store, Slam Vintage and eBay.

What NBA star did Randy Moss go to high school college or both with?

Jason "White Chocolate" Williams.

What is Jason Williams's birthday?

Jason Williams was born on November 18, 1975.