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Why yes. Yes he is.

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Q: Is Jack nicholson a Yankee and laker fan?
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Jack Nicholson once had a job answering who's fan mail?

Tom and Jerry's! That's right, the cat and mouse.

Is Justin Bieber a Yankee?

yes, he's a Yankee fan

Is Justin Bieber a Yankee fan?

YES! Justin beiber wears the Yankee hat all the time :)

Who is jls no1 fan?

Leah nicholson

Is Justin Bieber a Redsox fan?

No. Justin is a Yankee's fan.

Is Barack Obama a Red Sox fan or a Yankee fan?

A White Sox fan

Is Selena Gomez a Mets or Yankee fan?

Total mets fan

Is Nat Wolf A Yankee Fan?

No, he's not.

Is Tom Brady a Yankee fan?

No, he's a New England Patriot fan.

Is Justin Bieber on lakes team in basketball?

If you mean hes a laker fan than yes, yes he is a laker fan-considering he brought Sel to a laker game, where they were caught on the Kiss Cam. But if you are asking if he actually plays basketball on the lakers' team, then no. I hope I answered your question!! Sry if it wasnt a good answer! I dont know a lot on JB!! =D =D

How many fans do the Yankee's have?

More then 150,00 Fan Clubs

Is there anyone who hasn't seen the photo of Stephanie Kelly and Jack Nicholson in Manasquan NJ June 30 2009?

I don't think so. But if you missed it, you can find it on