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Q: Is Isabelle Duchesnay married
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When was Isabelle Duchesnay born?

Isabelle Duchesnay was born on December 18, 1963, in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada.

What is Isabelle Duchesnay's fansite address?

When did Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay perform their somewhat sadomasochistic ice dance in the Olympics?

I'm looking for the performance called "Tarzan & his Mate" Is that the same one?

What actors and actresses appeared in Joue pour moi - 2008?

The cast of Joue pour moi - 2008 includes: Goska Banka as Isabelle Philippe Duchesnay as Voisin

When was Paul Duchesnay born?

Paul Duchesnay was born on July 31, 1961.

When was Jean-Baptiste Juchereau Duchesnay born?

Jean-Baptiste Juchereau Duchesnay was born in 1779.

When did Jean-Baptiste Juchereau Duchesnay die?

Jean-Baptiste Juchereau Duchesnay died in 1833.

Did Saint Isabelle ever get married?

There are a number of saints named Isabelle. Please be specific.

Has many times has Christopher Dean been married?

From 1991-1993 Chris was married to pairs skater Isabelle Duchesnay. In 1994, he married world champion figure skater Jill Trenary, but the divorced in 2010. Right now he is dating Dancing On Ice head coach Karen Barber.

When was Elzéar-Henri Juchereau Duchesnay born?

Elzéar-Henri Juchereau Duchesnay was born on 1809-07-19.

When did Elzéar-Henri Juchereau Duchesnay die?

Elzéar-Henri Juchereau Duchesnay died on 1871-05-12.

When did Henri-Jules Juchereau Duchesnay die?

Henri-Jules Juchereau Duchesnay died on 1887-07-06.