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Probaly not.

AnswerHe might be back at Wrestlemania 21. That's what I heard. AnswerIts heard that he might team up with Shawn Micheals who is goin against Muhmmad Hussan.. AnswerHe will team up with HBK to face hasson and davarie at Backlash 05 Answeryes, he figured why not i miss it so much I'll be back cause the fans love him and he might get one more title shot at the title to become a 13 time world champion, he doesn't care if he's getting old, he says if you're getting tired of him, get used to it. if you want him gone you're gonna have to kill him. Answerat Backlash and June 27 05 to help John Cena and HBK beat Christian Tyson Tomcko and Y2J he will finish the match with a lep drop AnswerHogan got screwed and is facing HBK at summerslam. Hes also an offical member of the rooster now Answerwhisper...

'hes meant to be fighting Austin at w22'

Answerno he wont because he's retierd AnswerOf course not! He's retired. He will just be in some events. He's not coming back because he is in the hall of fame.

no cause he got injured and hes retired

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Q: Is Hulk Hogan coming back to the WWE?
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