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Yes it was held in India in 2010. Australia won the world cup.

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Q: Is Hockey world cup going to be hosted in India?
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How many times have India hosted the hockey world cup?


Who hosted hockey world cup 2010?

It was India, in New Delhi.

Which Country is hosting Men's Hockey World Cup 2010?

The 2010 hockey world cup was hosted by India in the city of Delhi.

Which country hosted the 2010 Hockey World Cup?

India, in the city of New Delhi.

Who hosted hockey world cup 1990?

The 1990 world cup was hosted by Italy, Germanybeat Argentina, by a penalty scored by Andrea Brehme.

Where the cricket world cup 2011 going to held?

2011 Cricket world cup is co-hosted by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka

Is India playing in the World Cup?

Yes, India played in the world cup in 1950, which was hosted by brazil.

Who hosted the 1987 cricket world cup?

India and Pakistan.

Who country hosted the cricket world cup in 2011?


How many World Cup of Field Hockey has India won?

India has won the Field Hockey World Cup only once in 1975.

Did India ever won Hockey world cup?

Yes India did win the hockey w0rld cup in 1975.

Which country hosted cricket world cup 2011?

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was the tenth Cricket World Cup. It was hosted in India.

Who won the hockey world cup in 1975?


In 1975 the hockey world cup was won by?


In which year did India host the World Environment Day celebration?

India hosted the celebrations of World Environment Day 2011.

Which country hosted the last circkit world cup final?

India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka all co-hosted the tournament, with the final held in Mumbai, India.

Which host country has won the cricket world cup?

Sri Lanka hosted and won the world cup in 1996 and India hosted and won the world cup in 2011

Which country host world cup cricket and won it?

Sri Lanka hosted and won the world cup in 1996 and India hosted and won the world cup in 2011

Some famous hockey players?

The greatest hockey player the world has ever produced is Magician of hockey 'Dhyanchand' from India.

When India won first hockey world cup?


Who hosted 1987 World Cup?

The 1987 Rugby World Cup was hosted by New Zealand and Australia.The fourth edition of the world cup cricket was jointly hosted by India and Pakistan from October 8 to November 8, 1987.

Who won the 2011 cricket World Cup and which country was hosting this World Cup?

India won the 2011 world cup and India, Srilanka , Bangladesh hosted it

Where are the 2012 world juniors going to be hosted?

Edmonton and Calgary Alberta

Where will the world cup cricket finals 2011 be hosted?

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

When was the last time India won the hockey World Cup?