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The answer for this question is yes.

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Q: Is Halfords gear box oil any good for a Kawasaki KX 60?
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What oil for a 1990 kx80?

hi i own a kx 80 1990 i use high qualty 2 stroke oil mixed 30:1 with fuel and good petrol gear oil in the gear box you can pick this up from any motor stores prpbaly halfords

What tool do you need to remove the sump drain plug on Scenic 1.9dci?

square socket can be purchased from any good motoring shop (halfords, motorworld etc)

Are there any drawback of choosing Halfords sat nav over any other navigation system?

Halfords seems to know what they are talking about when it comes to sat navs, so their website seems to be a credible source for your satellite navigation needs.

Is there a repair manual book for 2003 Mercedes slk?

Haynes workshop manual at any Halfords

What year is your kawasaki?

i have a kawasaki kx80 . the vin # is kx080ae010087 . does any one know the year and what the mix is for my fuel

Will any make of radio fit in your saxo vtr?

yes, u will need a iso harness from halfords

Where can you find a diagram of a Renault clio fusebox?

best bet is the haynes manual, available in any halfords

Will the seats off any Kawasaki vulcan fit a mean streak?

The seat of any Kawasaki Vulcan will fit a mean streak with a little fabrication.

Where do you get MADD gear nitro pro scooter?

On the internet or in any good scooter store!

Where can you buy kawasaki motorbike insurance policies?

You can get Kawasaki motorbike insurance quote easily and fast from can quote any new or used Kawasaki motorbike.

What is good dirt bike for 13 year old 5'6?

Kawasaki Kx500, any year will do, but the best bike for a beginner is a Yamaha yz490

Are trax bmx bikes any good from halfords?

trax bikes are the cheapest you can get. I would avoid them like the plague. Never buy a bike from a garage or supermarket - go to a bike shop or get a second hand one.