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No, now it's Puerto Rico.

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2010-01-14 21:44:25
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Q: Is Greece still the most popular sport for wrestling?
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Is wrestling as a sport as popular as it once was?

it is still popular, but it isn't what it used to be. When wrestling first came out familys would sit down and watch it, but now, not everybody in the family watches for one reason or another.

Why did Romans wrestle?

The Romans took up wrestling as a sport from the Greeks . This sport still exists and is called Greco-Roman wrestling.

Popular traditional Japanese sport?

Sumo is a traditional Japanese wrestling sport that is still very popular today. In Sumo, two wrestlers stand in the ring and face each other. The winner is the wrestler who pushes his opponent out of the ring or brings him to the ground.

What is the oldest sport still played today?

That would have to be Martial Arts and/or Wrestling.

Was Greece a city state?

what was and still is the most popular city-state of Greece

Is baseball popular sport now?

Baseball has been a popular sport long before the civil war, and it is still very popular today.

What is Ethiopia's most popular sport?

Ethiopia's most popular sport is soccer. I know, because my father was born there. I recently went there for a vacation. My father used to play soccer there, and it is still the most popular sport there.

What will be the most popular sport in the future?

i think it'll still soccer

Is John Morrison still wrestling?

Yes he is still wrestling.

What games and sport of ancient origin are still popular today?

the Incas and the Mayans used to play a soccer type of sport.

Do Native Americans have their own sport?

Lacrosse was adapted from a slightly different Iroquois team sport. It's still a popular sport on Haudenosaunee reserves and reservations.

What they use to invented wrestling?

wrestling has been invented invented almost 4 thousand years ago in Greece, it was a form of fighting called pankration. back then it was very real, and the victor was decided when the loser was no longer conscience, was killed, or surrendered. it was entertainment to for several spectators to watch and it was one of the first olympic events. it still is an modern day olympic event and its very popular all across the world. and several high schools participate in the sport. and that's pretty much how it was started

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