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Yes that I no of. He's still on the 90 Man Roster. Don't know why you're asking this -_-

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Q: Is Golden Tate still with the Seatlle Seahawks?
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Who has worn Seahawks jerey 81?

WR #81 Golden Tate

When was Golden Tate born?

Golden Tate was born on 1988-08-02.

How tall is Golden Tate?

NFL player Golden Tate is 5'-10''.

What position does Golden Tate play?

Golden Tate plays Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions.

What college did NFL player Golden Tate play for?

NFL player Golden Tate played for Notre Dame.

Does Brandon Tate have any brothers in the NFL?

yes they are Golden tate and ben tate

How much does NFL player Golden Tate weigh?

NFL player Golden Tate weighs 202 pounds.

How old is Golden Tate?

NFL wide receiver Golden Tate III is 29 years old (born August 2, 1988).

Where did Golden Tate go when he left ND?


Is Golden Tate good?

yes he is the best wr in college

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