Is God a Yankees fan

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes. That's why they won 27 World Series!!!

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Because God backwards is dog and dogs like fetching baseballs so that means dogs like Baseball and god

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Q: Is God a Yankees fan
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Is god a Red Sox or Yankees fan?

Red Sox, He's god.

Are you a Mets or Yankees fan?


Red Sox Fan or Yankees Fan?

not true Yankees rockwill redeem this year

What baseball fan is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a Yankees fan. You can tell because on YouTube in the studio when he is recording "Where Are You Now" he is wearing a Yankees hat.

What are opinions about whether the 1998 Yankees or the 2009 Yankees are better?

I am not a huge baseball fan but I know that 1998 Yankees are better than 2009.

Better fans mets or Yankees?

Yankees have the best fans! I'm a Yankee fan and am very faithful to my team.

Who has baseballs biggest fan base?

Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs

Have the New York Yankees ever cheated in MLB?

I am shocked. I am big Yankee fan (im a girl) and the Yankees have NEVER cheated!

Is jeter signing with yanks?

god i hope not the Yankees blow.

Is god a raiders fan?

no. god hates the raiders and always will.

Which MLB teams are the most popular outside of their home states?

either red sox or Yankees. according to hank steinbrenner the Yankees will restore order to the universe lol. (im a Yankees fan but i HATE hank steinbrenner)

What are the odds for the New York Yankees to repeat as champions?

A 1 in 30 Chance, though from a Yankees fan's perspective, such as my own, I'd say they have a 30 of 30 chance