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Q: Is Gerrard better than lampard at free kicks?
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Who is better at free kicks Lampard or Drogba?


Who is better at free kicks Frank Lampard or Didier Drogba?

I think van persie has better free kick than Lampard and D.Drogbra because he can curl the ball around the wall ( DROGBRA) and he has the power ( LAMPARD) to shoot the ball behind the net.....he is 2 in 1

Is Torres better than lampard?

Yes Fernando Torres is better then Frank Lampard, he is quick on his feet and a tricky player. Lampard scores more from free kicks and penalties. torres is sooooooooooooooooooooooo* invinerty better than frank Fernando Torres is the best

How many goals has Frank Lampard scored with free kicks?


What are Frank Lampard's talents?

He is very good taking penalties and free kicks.

What is so great about Frank Lampard?

Franck lampard is a very good midfielder, and also good for free kicks, corners and penalties.

How many free kicks did steven Gerrard score in his careere?


Who takes the free kicks England?

Typically Suarez or Gerrard takes Liverpool's free kicks, but anybody else could take it too. There is not set kick taker.

Who better ozil or kaka?

Of course Lampard. He gives 112% every game whether it comes to passing, goal-scoring, penalties, ball control or even leading the side. One of the most valuable players in current football scoring 20+ goals every season in addition to his midfield duties. Kaka had just one brilliant season the from that season onwards, it was all downhill.

Who is better at free kicks out of lmessi and cronaldo?

Ronaldo is way better

What is your opinion on who is the better player Messi or Ronaldinho?

I would say Ronoldhino mainly because of his free kicks have class. Messi does not take free kicks.

In football manager 2008 how do you select who takes free kicks?

First you look at the ''Free Kicks'' attribute.The higher this attribute is,the better the player is in taking free kicks.Next, if you want a player to take long range free kicks,you should choose a player who has a high attribute of long shots.