Is Geoff Marsh related to Rod Marsh?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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None at all.

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Q: Is Geoff Marsh related to Rod Marsh?
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Is Rod Marsh related to Shaun Marsh?

Geoff Marsh is his father... Rod Marsh is another Australian cricketer of universal respect. So we learn the Marsh clan, from wherever they hail.... really roll, when it comes to cricket.

When was Geoff Marsh born?

Geoff Marsh was born in 1958.

When was Rod Marsh born?

Rod Marsh was born in 1947.

What sport does Rod Marsh play?

Rod Marsh was a wicket-keeper in the sport of cricket.

Which cricketer has won the world cup both as a player and as coach?

Geoff Marsh

The nickname of wicketkeeping great Rod Marsh was what?


Is sam marsh related to luke marsh?


Where to find carvana?

In Pastoria Great Marsh use super rod

What field of sport are Dennis Lillee and Rod marsh famous?

dont knoe

Where can you catch carvanha in Pokemon platinum?

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What field sport are Dennis Lilee and rod marsh famous for?

These two people are/ were famous Australian Cricketers, who have now retired. Dennis Lilee was a fast bowler, while Rod Marsh was a wicketkeeper.

What has the author William H Marsh written?

William H. Marsh has written: 'The Regensdorf family and related families'