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Yes, it is known to be true that the father of Gary and Phil Neville is called Nevile Neville.

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Yes. Gary and Phil Neville are brothers. Their father is Neville Neville, and their sister Tracy Neville has represented England in Netball.

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Q: Is Gary and Phil Neville's dad called Neville Neville?
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Was there ever an England football player called nevill?

Phil Neville - plays for Everton FC and Gary Neville - plays for Manchester United

Who was the last brothers to win the champions league?

Phil and Gary Neville

Does Gary Neville have a younger brother?

Yes, his name is Gary Neville. He retired from football in Manchester United and England in 2011.

How many pairs of brothers have helped ManU win the FA cup finals?

Only One Pair.. Gary Neville And Phil Neville

Which brothers are playing in premiership?

Gary Neville, (Manchester United) and Phil Neville (Everton) Michael Dawson (Tottenham) and Andy Dawson (Hull City)

Who has played in every premiership season to date?

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How tall is Phil Neville?

Phil Neville is 180 cm.

What is Phil Neville's twitter handle?

@fizzer18 is the twitter handle of United's first team Phil Neville.

When was Phil Neville born?

Phil Neville was born on January 21, 1977.

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