Is Frank Lampard a good midfielder?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Yes he is a good midfielder and top scorer for Chelsea F.C. in the 2007-2008 season

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Q: Is Frank Lampard a good midfielder?
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Which team does frank lampard play for?

He is a midfielder who can play attacking midfielder or defending midfielder.

What is so great about Frank Lampard?

Franck lampard is a very good midfielder, and also good for free kicks, corners and penalties.

Who is Cheslea's best midfielder?

Frank Lampard

What position does Frank Lampard play?

He is a central midfielder.

Successful passes made by a midfielder?

Frank Lampard

What is Frank Lampard's position on FIFA 07?


Who is thebest midfielder in Chelsea fc?

He Is Frank Lampard

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder?

I think the highest paid midfielder is frank lampard.

Who is the words best soccer midfielder?

Depends on the type of midfielder, frank lampard is the best box to box midfielder

Who is better Frank Lampard or ronney?

Lampard is a midfielder, Rooney is a forward so its not a sensible question.

Best goal scoring midfielder in the premier league?

Frank Lampard

Is Frank Lampard a striker?

No he is a regular midfielder for both club and country.