Is Frank Lampard a football player?

Updated: 11/22/2022
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Yes, he is a soccer/football player. He plays in Chelsea FC.

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Q: Is Frank Lampard a football player?
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Which football player inspired david beckham?

frank lampard

Who is lampard?

Frank Lampard is professional English Premier League soccer player for Chelsea football club.

Who is Frank Lampards favorite football player?

who is lampard favourite soccer player

What is Frank Lampard bad at?


What is the best match atack?

frank lampard is the best match attack

When did Frank Lampard become a football player?

when he left school in 1994 he joined west ham youth.

Is Frank Lampard the best football ever?


Who is a better football captain Frank Lampard or Rio Ferdinand?

Lampard is not currently a Captain. Ferdinand is.

What football club does frank lampard play for?

Frank Lampard plays for Chelsea FC (Premier League) and for the English Squad (World Cup).

Does Frank Lampard drink alcohol?

Yes he was caught with his girlfriend Christine and nearly every football player becomes drunk.

What is Frank Lampard's phone and cell number and email address?

my legend best player in the worl frank lampard

Who is the most educated soccer player in English football?

super, super frank... frank lampard has to definately be up there, he gained 11 gcse's... (including an A in Latin)