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Q: Is Everton football club a propernoun?
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Who are the people's club?

Everton football club!!

What is Everton's Twitter handle?

The official twitter handle of Everton Football Club is @Everton.

Who plays football goodison park?

Everton football club

What football team does Tim Cahill play for?

Everton Football Club

Where can one purchase Everton football shirts online?

Everton football shirts can be found on many online stores including eBay, Amazon, Everton Direct (the official Everton football club store) and more.

What city were the Beatles and Everton football club from?


When was everton football club found?

It was founded in 1878.

Which football club did Steven Pienaar play for?


What football team is better arsenal or everton?

Arsenal but Everton are also a very good club.

Who is the manger of Everton FC in 2011?

David Moyes was the manager of Everton Football Club in 2011.

What are the ratings and certificates for Everton Football Club The Official History - 2007 V?

Everton Football Club The Official History - 2007 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

What football club was the first to win the league at anfield?

The first club to win the league at Anfield is obvious... It was Everton Football Club.