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No, even though he's almost 2 meters tall (1.96m), there are goalkeepers that are taller than him; for example- Cech, who is 1.97m.

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Q: Is Edwin van der Sar the tallest goalkeeper in the world?
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Who is premier tallest goalkeeper?

Edwin Van der Sar.

Who is the tallest goalkeeper?

van der sar

Who is the best goalkeeper in England?

Edwin Van Der Sar

What team was Edwin Van der Sar a goalkeeper for?

Edwin Van der Sar was a goalkeeper for Manchester United from 2005 to 2011. He also played the most out of any player in history in the Netherlands national team.

Who is Edwin Van Der Sar?

He is the Dutch international goalkeeper and Manchester United first choice goalkeeper.

Name of the goalkeeper of Manchester united?

Edwin Van Der Sar

In which Edwin van der Sar is a goalkeeper?

For Holland and Manchester United.

Who is the highest paid goalkeeper in epl?

Edwin Van Der Sar

What player has represented Holland the most number of times in World Cup?

It is the Dutch goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar.

What team does Van der sar play for?

Edwin Van Der Sar is the Goalkeeper for English football team Manchester United

When was goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar born?

He was born on October 29th, 1970.

Who is the tallest player in Manchester united?

Edwin van der Sar.

Best goalkeeper ever?

Edwin Van Der Sar or Peter Schmeichal or Iker Casillas

Best football boots for a goalkeeper?

Adidas predators, Edwin van der Sar where's them.

What team did Edwin van der Sar play for when he was awarded title of Best European Goalkeeper?


Who is the tallest player ever to play for Manchester United?

Edwin Van Der Sar

What clubs did Edwin van der sar play for?

He plays for Manchester United, but is also the Dutch international goalkeeper.

What nationality is Edwin van der sar?

Retired goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar played international football for the Netherlands, making 130 international caps for the side, more than any other Dutch player.

Who is the reserved goalkeeper of Manchester united?

If you consider Edwin van der Sar as the Number One choice goalkeeper for Manchester United, then Ben Foster, Tomasz Kusczak and Ben Amos are the backups.

Who is the tallest soccer goalkeeper ever?

Proberly Edwin Van Der Sar who is 6"5 and a half (1.97m)it's Issakson, look it upEdit: Željko Kalac is a retired Australian goalkeeper of Croatian decent, he is 2.02 Metres (6 foot 7 1/2 Inches)

When was Edwin van der Sar born?

Edwin van der Sar was born on October 29, 1970.

What is Edwin van der Sar's birthday?

Edwin van der Sar was born on October 29, 1970.

Who is the worst goalkeeper?

van der sar

Who is the current oldest active professional goalkeeper in the world?

Edwin vander-sarjens lehmann is 40 and still payin while Edwin is 39 so no you are wrong mate.Your both wrong, Kevin Poole is 47 & playing for Burton Albion.

What is the Nationality of Man United Edwin van der Sar?

The nationality of Man United Edwin van der Sar is dutch.