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no nxt replaced it

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โˆ™ 2011-05-14 10:17:17
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Q: Is ECW still on
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Where did the boogieman go?

He is currently still in ECW.

When will Boogeyman ever come back to ECW?

he still is in ecw but his character get old fast and he has not alot of wrestling ablity

Is Christian still ecw champion?

no......... ezekial Jackson is

Since ECW is going to be going off WWE will it be free of copyright i mean will it be free to use?

you can still play on ECW on the games

Is Matt Hardy still on ECW?

No he has resigned and entered Smackdown

Does ecw still exist?

No, they got rid of it in December 2009.

Is Hurricane Helms still with ECW?

No,He Is Arrasted With Chris Jericho 10,000

Why didn't ecw join with wwf before the WWE came?

The "ECW" isn't the same ECW from back in the day. The current "ECW" has virtually no ties with the old ECW.

Is hard core wrestling real?

The new ECW is as fake as the WWE the old ECW was still staged but they gave their wrestler the freedom to show how hardcore they could be. They still took measures to make sure the damage inflicted was minimal but still sometimes the pain was real.

What titles were in ecw in the 90's?

ecw world heavyweight championship ecw tag team championship ecw ftw championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

Why did all the ecw originals leave?

they left because new breed left and Vincent keneddy McMahon had no reason to keep them but only kept Tommy dreamer so idiots would think that it is still ecw and not wwe owned ecw

Is vince McMahon going to fire ecw?

He owns ECW no he is not firing ECW...he is changing the name

Who is current ecw champion?

There is no longer an ECW championship but last ECW champion was Ezekial Jackson

Will ecw return?

ECW will return eventually.

What channle is ecw on?

ECW no longer remains

Will christian be ecw champion?

* He IS the ecw champion!

Does mark Henry still have the ecw heavy weight belt?


What happened to ECW toys?

ECW toys were replaced with WWE toys. This happened when ECW was admitted into the WWE.

Tommy Dreamer is the hart of ecw?

ye he is the longest person on ecw and ecw will fall apart when he leaves

What is going to happen to the ECW superstars after ECW ends?

some ecw superstars will join raw and smackdown

Is ecw real or fake?

ECW no longer exsists

Why was ecw cancelled?

It was cancelled for NXT. I miss ECW!:(

Is the ECW arena still standing?

Yes, see this website.

Is raw still a part of WWE?

no it is not only smackdown and ecw are no vince sold it because he was in debt

Is WWE show ECW still on?

No it was replaced with nxt which is noe on the newest is tough enough