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no they

just broke up

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Q: Is Dwyane Wade engaged to gabrielle union?
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Who is Dwyane Wade dating?

Gabrielle Union

Does Dwyane Wade have a girlfriend?

Yes, Gabrielle Union

Who is Dwyane Wade dating now?

Gabrielle Union

Was Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union married?


Gabrielle Union sued by Dwyane Wade More information and Clips?

From here you can get Gabrielle Union sued by Dwyane Wade .. More information , articles and Videos Clip.

Is gabrielle union dating Dwyane Wade?

yes he is

Did Gabrielle Union have Dwyane Wade's Baby?

No not yet but there planing

How long have gabrielle union and Dwyane Wade been dating?


Does Dwyane Wade make more money than Gabrielle union?


Who is Gabrielle Union dating?

i think she is dating Dwayne wade from Miami heat

Is gabrielle union married to Dwyane Wade?

No D wade is not married to Gabrielle. He was married to his high school sweatheart but they got divorced in 2007

Is Dwyane Wade still married to gabrielle union?

Don't HAVE ONE That's why I am ASKING.