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Dwayne Wade is older than LeBron James

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Q: Is Dwayne wade older than LeBron James?
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Who is better than Dwayne Wade?

Lebron James

Is wade better then lebron in 2009-2010?

Dwayne Wade is better than Lebron James

Who is better Kobe Bryant or Dwayne wade?

LeBron James better than both of them. But i would say Dwayne is heaps better. BUT LEBRON JAMES IS BETTER!! I soooooooooooooooooooooo agree and i like Dwayne better than Kobe Kobe is a ballhog

Is lebron James better than Michael Jordan?

The question you have asked is an opinion and is therefore can not be answered.

Is lebron better than dwanye?

Dwayne is better

Who is better lebron James or Stephen curry?

LeBron James because he has more awards than him

Is Kobe Bryant better at everything than LeBron James?

no, lebron has a better shot than Lebron James, but Lebron is quicker, stronger, and more athletic, than Kobe.

Is Kobe better than Lebron James?


Who better Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade?

Kobe Bryant is good but.... He is not on Wades level... KObe is better than Lebron James,but is not on Dwade level. Lebron James travels everytime. Kobe has the best jumper in the nba. Dwayne Wade is the best all around guard in the N.B.A..................

Is derrick rose better than LeBron James?

Yes! Derrick Rose is better than Lebron James.

In rankings is lebron James better than Michael Jordan?

lebron James is better than Michael Jordan

Is derrick rose is better than LeBron James?

Yes! Derrick Rose is better than Lebron James.