Is Detroit in the south part of US?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Is Detroit in the south part of US?
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Where is South Detroit?

The southern part of Detroit, Michigan.....

What country is south of theUS?

Mexico is directly south of the US, so that is probably the best answer. Other countries are further south of the US, such as Cuba, Columbia, and Ecuador. Also, there is a small part of Canada (Windsor, Ontario and the rest of Essex County Ontario) that is south of a part of the United States (The very eastern edge of Michigan, including the eastern half of Detroit).

Is South America north or south of the US?

South America is south of the US. The US, part of North America, occupies part of the Earth's northern hemisphere, while South America takes up part of the Earth's southern hemisphere.

Which major northern US city can you drive south to enter Canada?

Anchorage, Alaska; the last part of the road into Canada is south east.

What part of the country is Georgia US in?

the south eastern part

What part of the US is Georgia?

towards the south

Is Brazil in the US?

No, it is part of South America.

Is south east Asia part of the US?

no it is not.

County directly south of Detroit MI?

Canada is the COUNTRY directly south of Detroit, if that's what you're asking. The COUNTY just south of Detroit is Wayne county - which includes Detroit and the southern and near-western suburbs. If you follow the Detroit River south, the next county is Monroe county and hole land

Which is farther south Toronto Canada or Detroit Michigan?


Which is farther south Indianapolis Houston or Detroit?

Houston, which is much further south than Detroit or Indianapolis.

Is Canada south of Detroit?

Yes and no. The good majority of Canada (around 99%) is north of Detroit. However, a very, very small sliver of Canada does come down to the right of Detroit and is technically south of Detroit. It depends what part of Canada you are talking about, but Canada is considered north of Detroit.View the related link below to see a map of the United States, which includes Canada.