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It is an open stadium.

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Q: Is Denvers broncos statium an open or domed statium?
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What time will the statium open gta vice city?

go to the main door of the stadium at 20:00 sharp

Does the New England Patriots play in a dome or stadium?

Gillette Stadium is an open air facility. It is not a domed stadium.

How do you get past open at the webkinz statium?

Well it depends on what time you arrive there. They have a schedule with the different contest time and also it depends on your pets skill levels which you could improve for free at Kinzville Academy

Is Raymond James Stadium in Tampa a domed stadium?

Raymond James Stadium (Ray-J) is not a dome. It is a fully open stadium with natural grass.

Does the new Yankee Stadium have the short porch?

Technically it is, but it isn't used for that.

Why do hydroelectric plants have domed roofs?

Some (but not all, and not even most) hydroelectric plants may have domed roofs because the dome is a strong, structurally sound method of creating a lot of open space under a roof. A "standard" dome structure requires no support posts beneath it, and it can cover a lot of floor space. This broad open space can be used set up electrical generators - really big ones. And if we're operating a big hydroelectric plant, we need big generators to improve our efficiency and productivity.

What is the difference between a lean-to and a wickiup?

A lean too is a supported structure, usually built between two trees with an open side and an closed slanted cover.A wickiup is a free standing domed shaped hut or tent.

What is ignoo?

I know of no word, "Ignoo" There is the acronyn, IGNOU . . . it stands for "Indira Ghandi National Open University." There is also the word, "Igloo", which is a domed temporary shelter made and used by the Inuits (Eskimos) using blocks cut out of icy snow.

Is the Patriots's stadium covered?

The twins had a domed stadium called the Metrodome, until Target Field (which has no roof) opened up in 2010.

What is the pantheon famous for?

The pantheon has two unique features. One is the perfect sphere of its dome and its method of construction with different weights of concrete. The second unique feature is its oculus or "eye" which is the open hole in the center of the domed roof.

Has green bay ever hosted a super bowl?

No. The National Football League has preferred to hold Super Bowls in warm-weather cities or Northern cities with domed stadiums. The exception will be Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be held in the open-air New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey in February 2014.

When did the Houston astrodome open?

The Astrodome is a domed sports stadium, the first of its kind. It is located in Houston, Texas at 29.6849° N 95.408° W, and is now part of the Reliant Park complex. It opened in 1965 as Harris County Domed Stadium and was nicknamed the "Eighth Wonder of the World". (A team owner is quoted as saying that the "rent for the Astrodome was the ninth".) Reliant Energy purchased naming rights to the building in 2000.