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Absolutely; No question, no contest!

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Q: Is Darren Lockyer the best rugby league player in the world?
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Is Darren lockyer leaving rugby league this year?

Darren lockyer is not leaving the NRL this year but he has retired from the state of origin.

Which famous Queensland Rugby League player retired from the Brisbane Broncos last year?

darren lockyer

Who are the highest paid rugby league stars?

Jared Hayne, Greg Inglis, Darren Lockyer.

Who is the famous Queensland rugby league stalwart that plays for the Brisbane Bronco's who is retiring this year?

Darren Lockyer.

Who has scored the highest number of test tries for Australia in rugby league?

mal meninga has, but Darren lockyer is closing in on him.

When did Darren lockyer start plaing rugby?

at 13

For what teams did Darren Lockyer play rugby?

Throughout his career, Darren Lockyer has played for 3 teams. He has been apart of the Queensland, Australia, and NRL All Stars Rugby organization. He is still living today at the age of 36.

Who is a great player at rugby league?

Darren Lockyar, Johnthan Thurson, Billy Slater

Which rugby league player that is still active has scored the most tries?

Darren Lockyar, Brett Moris

How many rugby league games has Daryn Lockyer played?

over 300 games

Most capped Scottish rugby player?

George Gregan is the most capped rugby player of all time

Who in the Australian rugby league have played in the most teams?

Darren Lockyar with Brisbane