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Q: Is Danny walker in travel team by mike lupica real?
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Who are the characters in Travel team by mike lupica?

Danny Walker Ali Walker Richie Walker Tess Mr.Ross Colby TJ Other People....

Who are the main characters for the book travel team by mike lupica?

Danny Walker, Richie Walker, Ali Walker, Ty Ross, Will Stoddard, and Tess Hewitt

What are Danny walker's traits in travel team?

Danny Walker in "Travel Team" by Mike Lupica is described as determined, hardworking, and passionate about basketball. He overcomes challenges and setbacks to prove himself as a valuable member of the team, displaying resilience and leadership qualities.

How old is Danny walker in the summer ball book by mike lupica?

In "Summer Ball" by Mike Lupica, Danny Walker is 13 years old. He is one of the main characters in the book, which follows his experiences playing summer basketball.

Who won the championship game in the book Travel Team by Mike Lupica?

The boy danny has his father the famous Richle Walker help him because he did not get onto the travel team.His father starts a travel team for 7 grd. He puts his sun in that team.They won the championship and the couch who did not let Danny Walker in the team regreted it .

What are the characters in travel team?

The main characters in Travel Team, by Mike Lupica, are Danny Walker, Ty Ross, Will Stoddard, Tess Hewitt, Ali Walker (mom), Richie Walker (dad), and Teddy Moran. Hope you like the book (if you haven't already read it).

Is Richie Walker in travel team by mike lupica real?

No, he is not a real ex-nba basketball player

Who are the minor characters in the book summer ball by mike lupica?

The characters are Danny Walker, Rasheed, Tarik,Ty Ross,and Will. Danny Walker is the main character. hi

How does Travel Team by Mike Lupica end?

Travel Team is about a short kid named Danny Walker who has always been great at basketball but struggles with his height. His dad, Richie Walker, was a professional basketball and played for Syracuse in college, but he leaves his wife (danny's mom) and only visits occasionally. In his professional career, Richie Walker had a car accident that ended his career. When Danny Walker tries out for the town travel team, the same team that his dad had lead to the championship (and won), and gets cut because he's "too short", his dad comes back to stay and decides to make a travel team of his own for all the kids who got cut. This is a great book, I hope you like it.

What are some character traits for Danny walker in Summer Ball by Mike Lupica?

some of his traits are nice, short, athletic, fast, and more but that's for you to find out

What is the internal conflict in Travel Team by Mike Lupica?

The internal conflict in "Travel Team" by Mike Lupica can be seen in the main character, Danny Walker, as he struggles with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt in the face of challenges and competition. Danny must overcome his own doubts and fears in order to prove himself and earn a spot on the travel basketball team.

What year did the travel team take place?

"The Travel Team" by Mike Lupica was published in 2007.