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No, he and his family control about 70% of the team.

Snyder initially entered the NFL bidding process for the Redskins as a partner of Howard Milstein, CEO of New York Private Bank and Trust Corp. and several family owned companies in real estate. The Milstein/Snyder bid was the highest but Milstein eventually withdrew the bid, believing that the NFL would reject the sale under the debt structure that was submitted.

Snyder then submitted a bid, independent of Milstein, with Mort Zuckerman, chairman of the New York Daily News and publisher of U.S. News and World Report, Fred Drasner, CEO of U.S. News and World Report, and Snyder's father and sister. In May, 1999 the NFL approval the sale of the Redskins to the Snyder led group for $800 million.

Zuckerman sold his stake in the team, reported at 15%, to Snyder in 2000.

In 2003, to reduce the team's debt, Snyder sold a 30% stake to three investors, Federal Express founder and CEO Fred Smith, Virginia real estate developer Dwight Schar, and Florida insurance executive Robert Rothman.

Snyder's father passed away in 2003 and that stake went to his mother.

Dresner sold his stake in the team, also reported at 15%, to Snyder in 2005.

Snyder's sister, Michele, is still a minority partner.

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Q: Is Dan Snyder sole owner of Washington Redskins?
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