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The closest Dale Jr. came to winning the championship was in 2003, when he finished 3rd in points. He also finished 5th in 2004 and 2006.

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No, he is not. If Junior stays consistent and has the right equipment, his age will not be a factor.

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Q: Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. too old to win a championship?
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Because he didn't want too.

How can i prove to my sister that Dale Earnhardt Jr is not adopted we have a 100 bet on this i say he is not adopted please help thank you?

He isn't. Dale Sr. and his mom divorced. His mom's name is Brenda. He sounds like Dale Sr. too.

What were the last words that Dale Earnhardt Sr. said to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

It was "I didn't mean to wreck him I was just rattling his cage." This saying began back in 1996 I think I'm not sure but he said that back in that year (if it was 1996) he had wrecked Terry Labonte and sent him into the wall and that's when he said it. He said it in an interview. Every since that happened it just began as Dale Earnhardt's saying. It actually has the video on where Dale Sr. says it and it also shows the wreck too.

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Can Dale Earnhardt Sr. be considered a hero?

Yes, considered by some to be the best ever, although he didn't win the most races. The competition had gotten tougher than in the days when Richard Petty and David Pearson were racing, and Earnhardt showed a toughness and an uncanny ability to use air flow to make passes in tough turns. Jeff Gordon once said Dale could "See the air". Earnhardt's aggressive style earned him two nicknames, "Ironhead", and "The Intimidator".

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