Is Cristiano ranoldo cute

Updated: 10/23/2022
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of course he is cute and sexy! he us the best player and so cute! his smile his face his anger is just so cute i want to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!! oopps iv already have 34 times and iv got his autograph

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Q: Is Cristiano ranoldo cute
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How many goals has Cristiano ranoldo scored in his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 767 goals in his career.

How is better Leo messi or Cristiano renaldo?

how's better Messi or Ronaldo

Who is faster Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo messi?

Leo messi of course!!!

Is ranoldo on Manchester United?

No, not anymore.

What does Cristiano ranoldo like to play or do?

he lieks to play Nintendo wii usually Mario party and such games as that but sometimes he goes clubbing with his best buds sergio ramos and such friends as that sometimes he brings them back to his room to have a good time

Why people like Cristiano Ronaldo?

As he is a ggood footballer and is cute people like him.

Is christiano ranoldo from Spain or Brazil?

No Christian Ronaldo is from Portugal.

Is christiano ranoldo Selena Gomez brother?

No. Then they would know each other.

What is Cristiano?

Cristiano is short for Cristiano Ronaldo

What is the name of Cristiano ronaldos boy?

Cristiano's son was named after his father. His name is Cristiano.

What is the birth name of Cristiano Malgioglio?

Cristiano Malgioglio's birth name is Giuseppe Cristiano Malgioglio.

What color is cristiana ranoldos eyes?

ranoldo eye colour is a green which has contrast to grey which looks so amazing and beautifull during playing football