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Yes, he won the Olympics in 776 bc. He was a naked runner and won the race of the 210 yard long track.

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Q: Is Coroebus the first Olympic Champion?
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Who was the first winners of the first Olympic Games?

The first Olympic champion in recorded history was a naked runner, Coroebus (a cook from Elis), who won the only event the stade.

Who was the first olympic runner?

Coroebus. He won a 210 yard race.Coroebus, he won the stade event in the Olympics(210 yards). He was the very first Olympic champion in history.

Who won the first recorded Olympic Games?

Coroebus of Elis.

Who was the first person to win the olympic games?

A chef from Ellis named Coroebus

Who was the first Olympic champion?

actually the first recorded winner of the classic Olympics was a man named Coroebus, he was a cook from the polis of Elis. it was called the "stade" it was pretty much a 200 yard dash.this is the same answer from "who won the first olympics"

Who was the first olympic champion of the modern olympic games?

jaydan g toomey

What is the difference between a World Champion and an Olympic Champion?

A world champion has won first place at their sports "World Championships". An olympic champion has won first place, a gold medal, in their sports olympic competition. While the World Champion can change every year, olympic champions can only be toppled off their perch once every four years.

Are you an Olympic champion?

yes you are the best olympic champion and always will

Which country was Olympic hockey champion from 1928 until 1960?

India was the first olympic hockey champion since1928 AD to 1960 AD

Who was the first modern champion of the Olympic games?

jesse owens

First olympic champion?

James Connolly (USA) won the first-ever modern Olympic Gold Medal when he won the triple jump, and the first wrestling Olympic champion was Carl Schuhmann (Germany) he defeated local Georgios Tsitas.

Who is the current Olympic champion for basketball?

Who is the current Olympic Champion for basketball?

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