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yes he is playing football still

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โˆ™ 2011-03-07 20:59:48
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Q: Is Cody paul still playing football?
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When is Cody Paul's birthday?

His birthday is December 30. Cody Paul was only 12 years old when MySpace featured his football Warner Peewee football video.

How old is Cody paul the football player?

he is 0 years old

What football team does Cody paul play for?

Prattville High School, now #74

What school does Cody Paul play for?

Los Alamitos Griffins Pop Warner football team

Where is Cody Paul?


How do you be like Cody paul?

paul should be it

Is paul mc carteney still alive?

Yes Paul McCartney is still alive and playing in concerts.

In the book tangerine What did paul's father call his involvement in his brother's football playing?

The Erik Fisher Football Dream.

Did Cody paul get an offer to usc?


Is paul Mccartny dead?

NO he is still alive at age 69 and still playing music

What team does Cody paul play for?


Did Pope John Paul play football?

Yes, as a boy he enjoyed playing soccer and often was a goalie.

Is Paul McCartney sick?

No he's in good health and still playing live.

What team does Cody paul play in NCAA?


Where did Cody paul go to college?

Chardron State

Is the football octopus dead?

Although there were lots of jokes about frying Paul and making calamari, he is still alive!

How many years did paul McCartney play for?

he still is playing concerts and show with his band

Is Cody paul the best player ever?

do you think so?

What team does Cody paul play on?

Prattville High School.

How old is Cody Paul the foot ball player?


What team does Cody paul play for in NCAA 2004?


When was Paul White - American football - born?

Paul White - American football - was born in 1922.

When was Paul Arnold - American football - born?

Paul Arnold - American football - was born in 1980.

When was Paul Gibson - American football - born?

Paul Gibson - American football - was born in 1948.

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