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in football, yes

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Q: Is Cleavland State a Division 2 school?
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What division is Henderson state university?

Henderson State is a Division 2 school that plays in the Gulf South Conference.

Is South Dakota state university a division 2 school?

No. South Dakota State University began a transition to Division 1 in 2004. In football, SDSU is a Division 1-AA school that plays in the Missouri Valley Football Conference and in basketball, they play Division 1 in the Summit League.

What makes a Division 1 school more popular than Division 2 and Division 3 schools?

what is the difference from a division I , II & III school?

What division is Texas state university?

Texas State plays in the Southland Conference of the Division I-FCS (formerly Division I-AA).

What is the fastest high school time for a mile in the state of ohio?

Division 1: 23.65 by Aareon Payne in 2007. Division 2: 24.05 by Cachet Murray in 2004. Division 3: 24.19 by Candace Longino in 2009

Can a freshman at a school with an undefeated golf team who shoots low 40's and high 50's in a 9 hole game make it at a division 1 or division 2 school?

Yes, you could probably make it at a division 1 or division 2 school.

What is the difference between division 1 division 2 super 2 in soccer?

There is no "difference" in terms of value. The only difference is the number of scholarships available. Division 1-A schools an have 85 players on scholarship, division 1-AA can have 63, and Division 2 can have 36 players on scholarship.

What are some losing team facts?

Ohio has the least amount of championships in all sports. Cleavland Cavaliers has zero NBA championship's, Cleavland Browns has zero Super Bowl wins and the Cleavland Indians has only 2 World Series wins.

Which none president was elected to 2 non-consecutive terms?


Is shippensburg university a Division 2 school?


Most basketball wins in division 2 history?

Idaho State

What is the all time winning percentages in Division 1 2 and 3 in college football?

Division I Michigan Division II Grand Valley State Division III St. Johns