Is Chris Masters married

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Chris is not married at this time! And apparently you have not been watching he has been back on RAW for about two months.

Chris Mordetzky also known as Chris Masters is married to Vesela Marinova.

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Q: Is Chris Masters married
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Is WWE diva Tiffany and chris masters going out?

No they are not. Tiffany is married to Drew McIntre

When is Chris Masters birthday?

Chris Mordetzky (aka Chris Masters) born January 8, 1983.

What is chris masters doing now?

Chris Masters was suspended in November.

Is eve Torres dating r truth or chris masters?

eve is dating with chris masters.

Was chris masters WWE champion?

Chris Masters has won the Tag Team Championships but not the World Championship.

How do you download chris masters on WWE shop in svr 11 ps3?

ich will chris masters herunterladen

Will chris masters and eve get married?

because it is a storyline which is fake so that is what i have to say so have a good day and happy new year

Is chris master?

Chris Masters was suspended in November.

Is Chris Masters returning?


Is Chris Masters Gay?


John Cena or Chris Masters?

Cena most def cena becuz cena is way better than chris masters cena has 9 world championships and chris masters has none in his career.

Who is dating Chris Masters?

As of June 2014, Chris Masters appears to be single. Chris is a professional wrestler in the United States.