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Q: Is Chip Carter of Fox sports Jimmy Carter's son?
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Who is Chip Carter?

james Earl "Chip" Carter III is the son of former president Jimmy Carter.

Which US president's nickname is Deacon?

Deacon wasn't his nickname but it was President Jimmy Carters' Secret Service codename. The codenames for the President & family are all given a common starting letter. In the case of President Carter the following were assigned.... Jimmy Carter - Deacon Rosalynn Carter - Dancer Amy Carter - Dynamo Chip Carter - Diamond Jack Carter - Derby Jeff Carter - Deckhand

What is Jimmy Carter's child's name?

He really had three children. His children's names are Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy

Who were Jimmy Carter's siblings?

Jimmy Carter has four children, three sons and a daughter. They areJohn William (Jack) Carter (July 3, 1947 - )James Earl (Chip) Carter III (April 12, 1950 - )Donnel Jeffrey (Jeff) Carter (August 18, 1952 - )Amy Lynn Carter Wentzel (October 19, 1967- )

How tall is Chip Carter?

Chip Carter is 6'.

Did Jimmy Carter have a wife and kids if so what are their names?

Jimmy Carter married to Rosalynn Smith in July 7, 1946

Who is James earl chip carter?

James Earl "Chip" Carter is one of President Carter's sons.

What does the biography of president Jimmy Carter look like?

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1,1924,in the small town of Plains,Georgia.He was the son of James and Lillian Carter.In 1946,Carter graduated from the United States Naval Academy.That same year,he got married to Rosalynn Smith.A year later,Carters son Jack was born.In 1948,he moved to New London,Connecticut.In 1950,Carters son Chip was born.That same year,he moved to San Diego,California.In 1952,Carters son Jeff was born.After the death of his father,he returned home to Georgia.In 1962,Carter was elected to the Georgia State Senate.In 1967,his daughter Amy was born.In 1970,Carter was elected governor of Georgia.In 1974,he announced his candidacy for the presidency.In 1976,Carter won the Democratic nomination for president.Senator Walter Mondale was chosen as his running mate.That November,he won the election defeating president Gerald Ford.On January 20,1977,Carter was sworn in as the 39th president of the United States.That same year,he visited Tehran.In 1977,Carter established the Department of Energy.In 1978,Carter signed a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.In 1979,he established the Department of Education.That same year,their was an energy crisis.In 1979,52 Americans were taken hostage in Iran.That December,the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.In 1980,Mount Saint Helens erupted spitting ashes around the world.That same year,he signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.In November 1980,Carter lost his re-election bid to Ronald Reagan.On January 20,1981,his presidency came to an end when Reagan was sworn in.That same day,the hostages were released.Carter then retired to Georgia.In 1981,he met the hostages in Germany.In 1982,Carter became a professor at Emory University.That same year,he established the Carter Center.In 1983,Carters sister Ruth died.That same year,his mother died.In 1986,his presidential library.In 1988,Carters brother Billy died.In 1990,he traveled to Nicaragua.That same year,Carters sister Gloria died.In 2000,he lead a delegation.In 2002,he visited Cuba.Later that year,Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

How many kids does jimmy cater have?

FOUR Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy

What actors and actresses appeared in Sports Tips with Chip - 2011?

The cast of Sports Tips with Chip - 2011 includes: Nelson Cheng as Chip Courtney Parks as Karen Jeremy Rabb as Larry Darin Toonder as Brock Kate VanDevender as Brenda

What are jimmy Carter's kids ages?

John William (Jack) Carter ( b July 3, 1947 - ) will be 69 next birthday (2016)James Earl (Chip) Carter III ( b April 12, 1950 - ) will be 67 next birthday (2016)Donnel Jeffrey (Jeff) Carter ( b August 18, 1952 - ) will be 64 next birthday (2016)Amy Lynn Carter Wentzel (b October 19, 1967- ) will be 49 next birthday (2016)

What are the release dates for Sports Tips with Chip - 2011 Brenda Talks the Jets 1-1?

Sports Tips with Chip - 2011 Brenda Talks the Jets 1-1 was released on: USA: 8 September 2011