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yes definetly.

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Q: Is Chelsea fc the best football team?
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Is Chelsea fc a good football team?

Chelsea fc are the best football team in the world. "MON THE CHELSEA"

Are Chelsea fc the best football team?


Are Chelsea fc the best football team in the world?


What is Cole Sprouse's favorite football team?

chelsea fc

Which football team does ross kemp support?

Chelsea fc

What is Zac Efron's favorite football team?

Chelsea FC

Which football team did gianfranco zola play for?

chelsea fc

What football team does Michael caine support?

Caine is a fan of the football team Chelsea FC.

Who is the best football club?

This is such easy question the best team in the world is Chelsea Fc the best country is definetely our England

Which football team does tubes support from soccer am?

Chelsea FC, why? Because why not.

Who was the best team in the world in 1999?

Chelsea FC

Which soccer club is the best team in the world?

Chelsea FC

Is Chelsea fc any good?

Chelsea Football club is the worst football team and have many rubbish players like John Terry and Frank Lampard. Man-u football club are the Best ever fotballl team as they have the BEST defence in the world and Have the best players in the world, Chelsea in the other hand... are Rubbish

The top 20 biggest football clubs?

1.)chelsea fc! 2.)chelsea fc! 3.)chelsea fc! 4.)chelsea fc! 5.)chelsea fc! 6.)chelsea fc! 7.)chelsea fc! 8.)chelsea fc! 9.)chelsea fc! 10.) you can probably guess the rest

What football team does Jeremy clarkson from Top Gear support?

He supports Chelsea FC

Who is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC is a football Team playing in Barclay's Premier League. They are situated in south London, and their main rivals are Arsenal and Manchester United.

The Chelsea Song is for what football team?

The Chelsea Sing is for the Chelsea FC team. One can find the lyrics to this song at popular on the web sources such as A to Z Lyrics and Metro Lyrics.

What is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC are an English football club and have won the premiership 3 times

Who is England football team squad number 6?

John Terry, captain of Chelsea FC.

What is the best football team in England?

middlesbrough fc

Who are the best football team ever?

Liverpool FC

Who was his best football team?

Liverpool fc

Chelsea FC Jim Anderson did he play for Chelsea fc?

I think no. He plays for the Essendon Football Club.

What team is the best franchise team ever?

Chelsea FC. they have the most wins in Soccer history following FC Barcelona of the Spain Leauge

Who is Spain's best football team?

Real madrid FC