Is Chelsea fc in north London?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Chelsea is in East London. Their rivals are Fulham and West Ham. On the north, there is Arsenal and Tottenham

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Q: Is Chelsea fc in north London?
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Where is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea play at stamford bridge in London

What is the name of Arsenal FC's local rivals?

Tottenham Hotspur FC are Arsenal's biggest local When these two teams play, it is called the North London Derby. Chelsea FC are also rivals from London.

Where is Chelsea fc located?

Chelsea play at stamford bridge in London

What city is Chelsea fc from?

They are from London, England.

Which team is the pride of London?

CHELSEA FC ovcorse:-)

Why is Chelsea called London fc in pro evolution?

Bcos they don't have the appropriate license do so. So Chelsea is rather called London FC in pro evolution.

Why is Chelsea fc named chesea?

They are Located in a part of London city called Chelsea

The top 20 biggest football clubs?

1.)chelsea fc! 2.)chelsea fc! 3.)chelsea fc! 4.)chelsea fc! 5.)chelsea fc! 6.)chelsea fc! 7.)chelsea fc! 8.)chelsea fc! 9.)chelsea fc! 10.) you can probably guess the rest

Who is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC is a football Team playing in Barclay's Premier League. They are situated in south London, and their main rivals are Arsenal and Manchester United.

Does pro evolution soccer 2009 have Chelsea fc?

yes the team is not named Chelsea it has been named London f.c

Why is the Chelsea FC named Chelsea FC?

it is located in the Chelsea and kensington borough

When was Chelsea fc started?

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905.