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Cathy Freeman won the Australian of the Year award in 1998. She is an silver Olympic medal winner and a an outstanding athlete. She also has a world track title and won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

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yes she did win

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Q: Is Cathy Freeman a famous significant Australian?
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Do you know any famous Australian aborigines?

Cathy freeman!

When was Cathy Freeman born and what was she famous for?

Cathy freeman was born on the 16th of February 1973 in Slade point, Macky in Queensland. she is a famous indigenous Australian runner.

How did Cathy Freeman become an significant Australian?

By wining races culminating in winnig gold in the sydne 2000 Olympics

Has Australian Cathy freeman died?

No, Cathy Astrid Salome, also known as Cathy Freeman as not died and is currently pregnant.

What is Cathy famous for?

Cathy Freeman is an Australian athlete who competed in 100 metre, 200 metre, 400 metre, high jump and 1x400.

Why is Cathy Freeman a notable Australian?

Yes she is.

Goolagong Freeman and Dingo are all famous Australian what?

Evonne Goolagong, Cathy Freeman and Ernie Dingo are all famous aboriginal Australians. Ernie Dingo is a well-known television personality and entertainer; Evonne Goolagong is a famous tennis player; Cathy Freeman is a successful and talented athlete.

Where is Cathy Freeman from?

Cathy Freeman is an indigenous Australian athlete and Olympian. She was born in Mackay, a city on the central coast of Queensland.

Is Cathy Freeman Australian?

She is aborigine which is the indigenous people of Australia.

Which Australian athlete lit the flame in Sydney 2000?

Cathy freeman

Who is the only person to win Australian and young Australian of the year?

Cathy Freeman in 1990 and 1998

How does Cathy Freeman inspire young Australians?

Cathy Freeman is a influential indigenous person to Australian society because she has run with a heart and a passion for our country, Australia.