Is Burnley a good football club?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes they're amazing especially steven fletcher but not brian laws !!!!!!

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Q: Is Burnley a good football club?
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When was Burnley FC established?

Burnley FC, or Burnley Football Club was established in 1882. It is a Football league based in Burnley, Lancashire. The club colors are claret and blue.

What is the nickname for burnley?

All I know is that the nickname for Burnley Football Club is the Clarets.

What are the objectives of Burnley football club?

I like to answer questions

Who are the Clarets?

Clarets is the nickname for Burnley football club.

Burnley footballl Club In The Premm x?

burnley football club have made it to the premier leaguee come on you clarets we are all proud of youu ) x

Do any burnley players have an xbox live gamertag?

Burnley football, Burnley what? There are probably loads of Burnley people on Xbox live.

Is Burnley Bad?

not at football

Are Celtic football club good?

Celtic football club is a good club in scotland. it always stands first or second.

Who is burnley football clubs captain?

Gary Alexander

What football team does mervyn king support?


Are there any famous football players for the Burnley football club?

There was: Steven Fletcher famous for Burnleys largest transfer fee collected from Wolverhampton Wanders in 2010/2011. Steven Fletchers contribution in 2008/2009 helped promote Burnley the the English Premiership and in 2009/2010 he fought bravely to become Burnleys highest scorer in the flop flight.

Which premier league club plays at turf moor?

Burnley FC