Is Britain better than America

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Which part of America? Britain would be better than much of it, but would lose out if compared to certain areas. In general, it would be better, simply because the standard of life for much of America is lower.

The correct answer is YEAH MATE IT IS GOOD QUESTION

well i agree we are pretty bad in some parts but you all might win in some areas to like a leader ya'lls has to be better than ours.

Well it's very hard to say. But Britain is a lot smaller than America, so if it was the same size then it would probably be a sole hyper-power. But as it stands they are both very good countris in different ways.

No America is world power and is better than Britain. Our founding fathers created this country in the way so it would be better than Britain.

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Q: Is Britain better than America
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