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yes he is married to Betty White

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โˆ™ 2011-12-09 19:31:30
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Q: Is Brett Favre still married now?
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Is Art Favre married?

Art favre was brett's dad and he is now dead. His widow is bonita

Who does Brett Favre play for now?

The Minnesota Vikings

What is Brett Favre's 40?

Brett Favre was drafted in 1991, and at that time, there wasn't the level of scouting that there is now, so Brett did not have an official 40 yard dash time.

What team is Brett Favre currently on now?

The Minnesota Vikings.

Who is the most popular football player now?

Brett Favre is a favorite.

What Minnesota Viking player retired?

Brett favre did. for now at least

What team did Brett Favre play with?

Brett Favre started his career with the Atlanta Falcons, then went to the Green Bay Packers, then the Jets, and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who wore 4 for the Minnesota Vikings?

Now, Brett Favre wears #4 for them.

What team did Brett Favre play with before the Packers?

He played for the Atlanta Falcons. Brett Favre plays for the Vikings right now but he played for the Falcons, Packers, Jets and the Vikings.

Will Brett favre rookie card increase in value?

yes because now he is retired

Who is your NFL quarterback?

Everyone has they're own opinion. But, mine would have to be Brett Favre. He retired, but now he's on the Jets. Everyone has they're own opinion. But, mine would have to be Brett Favre. He retired, but now he's on the Jets.

What team has Brett Favre not defeated?

Brett has now beaten every team in the league after last years Packer/Viking game

How many interceptions has Brett Favre had in 2007?

15 Interceptions! (Are you cheating on your facebook trivia now?)

Is Brett Favre coming back to the Green Bay Packers?

No he went to the Jets and now the Vikings

Who has thrown the most playoff touchdowns?

Joe Montana for now but Brett Favre is not far behind.

How many TD passes does Brett Favre have?

After the loss in Arizona Brett Favre has just over 490 Touchdown passes. About 430 of those were with the Green Bay Packers. That game in Arizona was another milestone for Brett Favre. He broke the record for most consecutive starts in a row. Including playoffs Brett has like 305 in a row. To learn more on Brett email me at i would love to hear your opinion about Brett Favre who is now 10-2 as a Minnesota Viking. After the Win at home Brett Favre has 497 touchdown passes. And 433 of those were with the Green Bay Packers. The game at the HH Metordome Brett had just another Milestone in his legendary carrer. He trew his 6,000 pass that was caught. So now he has 6,015 caught passes in his carrer. To know more about Brett Favre and keep up with his States email me at and the Vikings are now 11-2 going into the Panthers game later tonight at 7:15. GO VIKINGS

Who is chely wright dating?

she is single now but has dated vince gill, brad paisley and Brett favre.

What color is Brett Favre's hair color?

Right now it's orange. It used to be gray

What team is Brett Favre on?

Brett Favre is now retired. He previously played for the Atlanta Falcons (1991), Green Bay Packers (1992-2007), New York Jets (2008) and Minnesota Vikings (2009-2010).

Will Brett Favre be cut?

No. As of February 2010, Rick Spielman (chief coordinator, Minnesota Vikings) says he want Brett Favre back another year. In addition, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings team, is letting Brett Favre take his time regarding his future career: he will not give Brett Favre a deadline. Now, of course, its up to Brett Favre whether he continues his record-setting consecutive start streak by playing another year. Although he recently told ESPN he highly doubts his return, Favre has already "retired" twice in a row, so he may continue even if he says he has quit.

Why did Brett Favre join the Vikings?

cuz he wanted to get back at the freakin packers!! (couldn't do that with the Jets now could he!)

For what team does Brett Favre play?

Brett Favre is now retired and no longer plays in the NFL. During his career he played for 4 teams, though he is best known as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He also played for the Falcons, Jets and Vikings.

What teams has Brett Favre played on?

Alanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and now the Vikings.

How old is BF4?

In the "word" BF4 the B stands for"Brent" aka Brett, the F stands for "FAV-RA" aka. Favre, the 4 stands for the number "Brent FAV-RA" wears. Brett Favre (BF4) was born on October 10, 1969. Brett Favre is 40 until Oct. 10, 2010 when he turns 41, hopefully not playing football, especially for the hated Minnesota "Viqueens". In 2011 Favre will turn 42 and so on.Go Packers. I now do not miss Brett Favre because he supposedly wanted revenge on Ted Thomson. It's not Ted's fault that Brett himself waits until the preseason to ask to come back after A-Rodg is all warmed up to play football. Ted Thomson still is stupid.

Is Brett Favre returning?

Right now Favre returning is highly unlikely because training camp started and the first preseason game is coming in a little over a week. So the chances of Favre returning is very scarce.