Is Bret farve retired

Updated: 9/19/2023
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yes. As of the end of regular season he is.

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Q: Is Bret farve retired
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How can we get rid of Thomson and let Brett be first quarterback?

Bret Farve is retired...give it up!

Did Bret Farve grow up in Kiln MS?

Bret Farve went to highschool at Hancock North Central.

Is Bret farve a good QB?


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Bret farve and the Dallas Cowboys?

NO way!

Who is Bret Farve's high school coach?

Was his father

Who has played 15 seasons in the NFL?

Bret Farve will.

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Is there a gay football player?

Yes, Bret farve

Is payton manning going to break Bret farve records?

payton manning is better than man is the best Bret farve is old as $hit he a old head

You think Bret farve will come back and take the vikings to super bowl?

I think Bret farve will come back and take the vikings to the supere bowl this year in dallas.

How do you get Bret Farve on Madden 09?

just update your rosters