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Manchester United is better than bolton

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βˆ™ 2012-04-27 18:27:16
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Q: Is Bolton wanderers better than Manchester United?
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What team is better Leeds United or Manchester United?

Manchester United is better and that is a fact

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

Is Manchester United better than Liverpool?

Manchester United are a far better team.

Are Barcelona better than Manchester united?

Barcelona are far better then Manchester United.

Is arsenal better than Manchester united?

Arsenal is way better than Manchester United and Manchester City!

Is Liverpool better or Manchester united?

Liverpool is far better want prove? Manchester United 1 - 4 LIVERPOOL

Is Manchester United better then barocelona?

Well Manchester united is better because of Rooney and harnandez

What is your team great at?

my team is Bolton wanderers and they are great at being great. supporting the underdogs is facinating better than supporting a stupid team like man u because you need gut and courage to stick with Bolton and supporting man united is pathetic.

Who is better Manchester united or Manchester city?

Man City is better

Which soccer team is better Manchester united or arsenal?

I think Manchester united.

Who is better out of Manchester city and Manchester united?

Manchester United have a better history and had some really good players in history but Manchester City as of 2014 is better than United although you can think what you want about both teams

Is Manchester United better than Chelsea?

Manchester United is a better than Chelsea F.C. as Manchester United are ranked 3rd in Europe and Chelsea F.C. are 7th.

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