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Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional Wrestling, so he is not coming back to WWE or TNA.

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Q: Is Bill Goldberg moving over to TNA?
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Is Bill Goldberg going to TNA Wrestling?

No, Bill Goldberg is retired from wrestling.

Is john cena moving over to tna?

No, he isn't.

Is 'Goldberg' coming to TNA?

It is highly unlikely, but never say never.

When is goldberg back to the WWE?

No but what i did hear is that he might go to TNA as part of the TNA Frontline

Is goldberg going to tna?

It is Highly Doubtful, but never say never.

Will Goldburg Go to Tna?

Nope goldberg will not go to tna but he is speaking we with the wwe about returning for a short stent and also he might be on any of the new wwe games

Who is joining tna on March 8?

No one is joining Tna on that date. Tna is moving to Monday Nights on March the 8th

Does Goldberg still wrestle?

Since leaving WWE, Goldberg has primarily focused on his acting career. He has commented on his year with WWE in a highly critical fashion, arguing that his character was poorly utilised. In February 2006, several media outlets reported that Goldberg was in negotiations with the professional wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling; possibly in response to these rumors, semi-retired wrestler Warrior commented on his website that he would be interested in wrestling Goldberg in TNA should TNA approach him with such an offer. In a series of interviews conducted in June 2006, Goldberg stated that he was mildy interested in working for TNA, particularly since his friend Sting had joined the promotion by then, but had several reservations.

Will goldberg ever wrestle again?

It's looking unlikely, TNA has supposedly been trying to sign him in the past, there was going to be a possibility of a one last match for Goldberg in the WWE, but contact talks broke down.

Is Jeff hardy going to be on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Nope, he's at TNA now. Goldberg might be in it though

When is Brutus Magna moving to TNA?

Brutus Magnus is on TNA now and is part of a three man team called the british invasion

Did Goldberg retire?

No he will be back to the wwe look what Jim Ross commented On his blog on the possibility - set itself the main person on Twitter - that Bill Goldberg signed a deal with WWE. He said it would not be as a wrestler, but rather to marketing considerations (video games, induction into the Hall of Fame next year and sale of goods to its name). Ross, however, would see combat in a farewell game at "Wrestlemania 27". But Bill Goldberg said he will fight and look what he said too:Yes ... I am negotiating with the WWE. Looks like Hogan and TNA have missed the boat. A shame for their fans have not even tried. If you have any questions about TNA, I suggest you ask them directly. The truth is that I never thought to consider it .... and then my son arrived. Nobody said that I would fight, but the door is open again. So he will comback and to ...WWE not tna and Goldberg did not set foot in a ring since WrestleMania XX in 2004 during a match with Brock Lesnar . Now we are 2010 in 2 days ther's WrestleMania after 6 years The best superstar will comback .

Is it possible for WWE to take over tna?

wwe cant take over tna they may be able to buy it but that probably wont happen

Does mr McMahon own tna?

No, Mr. McMahon owns WWE and has nothing to do with TNA. Jeff Jarret is the founder of TNA, but Hulk Hogan is in control over it.

Who are bill and doug?

bill and doug are TNA superfans who promote TNA wretling, and and tell everybody how bad the WWE is and tell them to watch TNA instead they have videos on youtube of them doing so, theyre youtube username being "RVDtito4life" is known by many wrestling fans on youtube they say they are ROH fans, but often complain about ROH they do not work for TNA Wrestling, but often host the "TNA Addicts" audio show on or TNA's youtube page

Who is joining tna?

for the info they are talking about hiring stone cold Steve Austin,the rock,bill goldberg,paul heyman,Shawn michaels,Nathan Jones,and Shane McMahon The above is a flat out lie!! They have not considered hiring anyone in the list above with the exception of Heyman and he turned them down!!!

Is Vince going to take over TNA?


Who is taking over tna wrestling?

hulk hogan

What are opinions on which is better TNA or WWE?

Tna! Tna! Tna!

Will bill goldberg return to WWE in 2009?

"On August 22, 2008, Goldberg announced on the Fight Network Radio that he has been training for three weeks to make his long awaited professional wrestling return, but has hinted that his return would not involve WWE or TNA. He stated during his appearance that he stopped training when his son was born a few years back. Goldberg was last seen in a pro wrestling ring at WrestleMania 20 against Brock Lesnar." From Wikipedia I hope he finally faces (The Undertaker) in his last Wrestlemania Match with a No Contest as a result....

Is TNA TNA inpact?

no is tna impact

What is the name of Christian cage's tna theme song?

Take over

Why did rvd chose tna over WWE?

awesome tasting waffles

Who has won the most matches in the WWE?

Many People think its goldberg, But in fact it is Grant The Myth Jones With a record of 215/ 23/ 1/ he thought in vpw then wcw then tna now the wwe

What day does tna come on?

TNA Impact! comes on tonight Thursday 3/4/10 for the last time at 9pm Eastern. TNA Impact! is moving to Monday nights starting next monday 3/8/10 at 9pm Eastern. There will be a lot of surprises that night. I suggest checking it out.