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Q: Is Baltimore quarterback joe flacco italian?
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What is Joe Flacco's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

Joe Flacco is number 5 on the Baltimore Ravens.

What position does Joe Flacco play?

Joe Flacco is the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted by the Ravens in the first round with the 18th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. He played college football at the University of Delaware. Joe Flacco has started every single game for the Ravens since he was drafted and the Ravens have qualified for the playoffs every year since 2008. He lead the Ravens to their 2nd ever Super Bowl Championship in 2012, defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII 34-31.

What race is joe flacco?


What Ravens quarterback's son is now playing minor league baseball for Baltimore?

Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco's younger brother John Flacco was drafted by the Orioles and played for the Frederick Keys (O's farm club) in Frederick, Maryland. He was released by the O's and traded to the Boston Red Sox. Joe Flacco's son is still a toddler - his baseball skils aren't that legendary at this point.

What is the college of quarterback Joe Flacco?

University of Pittsburgh and University of Delaware

What is the name of the Baltimore Raven 's quarteback?

Joe flacco

Which NFL Rookie Quarterback has the most playoff wins?

Joe Flacco-2

What color are Baltimore Ravens JOE flaccos eyes?

Joe Flacco has blue eyes.

What was the best start for a rookie quarterback?

Joe Flacco for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2008-2009 season. He lead them to a 11-5 record and to the AFC Championship game. He was also the first rookie quarterback to win 2 playoff games.

Which nfl quarterback threw the most touchdown passes since 2008?

Joe flacco

What is number five on the ravens teams name?

5 is Joe Flacco, he is the Quarterback for the Ravens!

Who was quarterback when Baltimore won the Super Bowl?

For their first Super Bowl, Trent Dilfer quarterbacked the Ravens. For their second Super Bowl, Joe Flacco quarterbacked the Ravens.