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Maybe in an alternate universe. Arthur Ashe was a great tennis player.

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No, he was a professional tennis player

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Q: Is Arthur Ashe a famous baseball player?
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Why did Arthur Ashe get famous?

Arthur ashe became famous as he was the first black American to win the Wimbledon title.

Did the tennis player Arthur Ashe have any brothers?

Arthur Ashe had a brother named Johnnie Ashe.

What was Arthur Ashe famous at?


Whom attended the University of California on a tennis scholarship?

=Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe=

What was Arthur Ashe's job?

Arthur Ashe was a very famous tennis player back in the day i think he died of aids i not sure. He attended the University of California on a tennis scholarship.

Who Is Arthur Ashe's Parents?

Arthur Ashe's parents were Arthur Ashe Sr. and Mattie Ashe

What are Arthur Ashe famous quotes?

"The dog wags the tail, but the tail don't wag the dog." -Arthur Ashe 1989

African American whose name starts with a?

Alex Haley is a famous author who wrote Roots. Hank Aaron is a famous baseball player. Arthur Ashe was a famous tennis player. Louie Armstrong and Aretha Franklin are famous entertainers.

What were Arthur Ashe achievements?

Arthur Ashe's greatest achievement was that he became the first professional African American tennis player

Who was Arthur Ashe?

He was an awesome historical tennis player.

Which famous sports star died of AIDS?

Arthur Ashe

Is Camera Ashe married?

Camera Ash is the adopted daughter of the famous African American tennis player Arthur Ashe. After Arthur's death in 1993, the Ashe Family lead more private, less media exposed lives. It's unclear to the general public if Camera Ashe is married or not.

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