Is Andy Williams a twin brother?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is Andy Williams a twin brother?
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Is Paul Williams of Phantom of the Opera Fame the brother of Andy Williams?

No, he's his nephew.

Is don Williams Andy Williams brother -?

? Osmond (incorrect). Andy Williams is not related to the Osmond brothers although he launched their career. Andy Williams had three brothers with whom he sang as "The Williams Brothers". They were Bob, Don, and Dick. Don and Dick are still living. Bob and Andy have passed away. They had a sister Jane who has also passed away. They had a baby brother named Buddy who passed away at age two. All of the members of Andy Williams family made regular appearances on his Christmas television specials.

Who is male singer in 2011 Nissan holiday commercial?

sounds exactly like Andy Williams' version of Happiest Time of the Year. It might be his nephew also named Andy Williams, who is identical twin. Could be twin David. They were known as the Williams Brothersand sang together during Partridge Family era..age is right.

What are Andy and david Williams doing now?

Andy is a record producer and David is an architecht in New York.Andy has a son named Harrison,David is gay.But we still love them,pls make a comeback!

Andy Williams brothers Don Dick and Bob where are they now?

Andy Williams died on Sep 25, 2012 in Branson Missouri. His brother Bob died in 2003. Their sister Jane has also passed away. Don and Dick Williams are still living as of November 2012. They also had a baby brother named Buddy who died at the age of two in the 1930's. Andy has written his autobiography, " Moon River and Me" which contains fascinating stories about himself and his family. I highly recommend it. from Lindengold, lifelong Andy fan.

Who are Sonny Bill Williams siblings?

He has three younger siblings - brother John Arthur and twin sisters Niall and Denise.

Does Pat Sajak had his twin brother?

no he does not have a twin brother

When was Andy Williams - album - created?

Andy Williams - album - was created in 1958.

When was Andy Williams' Best created?

Andy Williams' Best was created in 1956.

What is Andy Williams's birthday?

Andy Williams was born on February 18, 1970.