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Andy Murray, the tennis player, is Scottish.

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Q: Is Andy Murray English or Scottish?
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Related questions

Is Andy Murray Scottish?

Yes, Andy Murray, the tennis player, is Scottish.

Is Andy Murray scotish?

Yes, Andy Murray IS Scottish.

Was Andy Murray a Canadian?

No, Andy Murray is not Canadian. He is Scottish, or British.

Is Andy Murray from England?

no, he is scottish

What is the nationality of Andy Murray father?


What sport does Andy Murray play?

Andy Murray plays tennis for England. However, he is scottish.

Is Andy Murray related to Yvonne Murray?

No, they are both Scottish but apparently not related.

How old is Andy Murrays wife?

Andy Murray, the Scottish tennis player, is not married.

What is Andy Murray known for?

Andy Murray is a Scottish professional tennis player. He ranks number one in Great Britain and number two in the world. He comes from a family of avid sports players.

What is Andy Murray's religion?

Andy Murray is jewish.

Who is more famous Andy Murray or Adele?

Andy Murray

How many brothers does Andy murray have?

Andy Murray has one brother, Jamie Murray

How many languages does Andy Murray speak?

Andy Murray, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland only speaks English. Although Murray has lived in different countries, he hasn't learned any other languages.

Who is more famous Andy Murray or Bob Marley?

Andy Murray

Who is more famous Andy Murray or Justin Bieber?

andy murray

Who is more famous Andy Murray or David Beckham?

andy murray

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Andy Murray?

andy murray

Who is Andy Murray's girlfriend?

Kim Sears is Andy Murray's girlfriend!

Who is older Andy Murray or Jamie Murray?

Jamie Murray is older than Andy Murray. Jamie Murray was born on 13 February 1986, and Andy Murray was born on 15 May 1987.

When was Andy Murray born?

Andy Murray was born on May 15, 1987.

Does Andy Murray have a girlfriend?

yes Andy Murray does her name is Kim sears

What is Andy Murray's birthday?

Andy Murray was born on May 15, 1987.

Where was Andy Murray born in Scotland?

Andy Murray was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

When was Robert Murray - Scottish footballer - born?

Robert Murray - Scottish footballer - was born in 1915.

Is Andy Murray related to Richard Murray?