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Q: Is Andrew johns still married and how many children does he have?
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Was Brother Andrew married?

Yes, he married Corry Van Dam in 1957 and they are still married.

Is Bruce springsteen patti still married how many children and ages?

yes he is still married and he has three children

Who were Andrew Jackson's wife and children?

Andrew Jackson was married to Rachel Donelson in 1791, but it was later shown that she was still married to her previous husband. The married again, legally, in 1794. Andrew Jackson had three adopted sons; Theodore, Andrew Jackson Jr., and Lyncoya. Upon his death he left his estate to Andrew Jackson Jr. (with the exception of a few items given specifically to other family and freinds). He also had guardianship of several other children; John Samuel Donelson, Daniel Smith Donelson, Andrew Jackson Donelson, Andrew Jackson Hutchings, Caroline Butler, Eliza Butler, Edward Butler, and Anthony Butler.

Are Sara Ferguson and Prince Andrew married?

No, they are divorced but still on friendly terms.

What happened to Peg Bundy on Married with Children?

Does Katey Segal still play Peg Bundy in Married With Children

Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone married?

No, they're still dating.

Is buck the dog from married with children still alive?


Did Jasper Johns ever get married?

an artist he is not dead he is still alive from all the research that i have done on him prove that he is still alive to this day March 2, 2009. so he is not died

When did Caroline Kennedy divorce?

Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg are still married and are not contemplating divorce. People have often confused the divorce of her cousin, Mary Kerry Kennedy, and Andrew Coumo in 2005, with Caroline. Kennedy and Schlossberg were married in 1986 and have three children.

If your wife leaves the state with your child is it kidnapping if you are still married?

If you are still married, then no it is not a crime. She can take your children anywhere as long as there are no court orders defining custody, which is not likely if you are still married.

Does molly cavalli have children?

Do she have kids an still married an togather

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No Zaha Hadid dun have any children, even she is still not married.