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it is a white collar cause

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Q: Is American football white or blue collar?
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Is storekeeper a blue-collar or white-collar?

Blue collar

Is a doctor a white collar or blue collar?

White collar.

Are teachers blue or white collar workers?

white collar-----> blue collar is labor work

What is the duration of White Collar Blue?

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When did White Collar Blue end?

White Collar Blue ended on 2003-12-22.

When was White Collar Blue created?

White Collar Blue was created on 2002-08-12.

Is a police officer a blue collar worker or a white collar worker?

Most are white collar (those that work in office buildings and do not get their hands dirty at work).

Is Applebee's white or blue collar?

No employer is blue collar or any other collar. OCCUPATIONS are informally called that.

Are computer support specialists a blue collar or a white collar?

White collar. No particular physical labor is involved.

What are the ratings and certificates for White Collar Blue - 2002?

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Is a veterinarian blue or white collar?

White collar, veterinarian is doctor for animals. Doctors considered a white collar job.

What white collar and blue collar?

Blue collar workers are laborers, especially factory workers. White collar workers are those who usually work in an office. The title of blue collar comes from the type of uniform that many laborers wear. The title of white collar comes from the type of linen shirt that is typically worn with a suit.