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yes he is

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Q: Is Albert pujols playing baseball this year?
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What was Albert Pujols best year in baseball?


Who is the best baseball player this year?

According to batting averages it is Albert Pujols

Which baseball team will Albert pujols play for next year?

LA Angels

What is albert pujols's song when he is up to bat?

This year Albert Pujols choose "The Professor" by Carson Jones, Christian song

Who is Albert Pujols?

ANSWER: Albert is a 27 year old playing 1st base for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is a great player and his contract is done this year. Thats a lie, he is 31

What was Albert Pujols batting average his rookie year?

Albert Pujols in his rookie year 2001, had a batting average of .329, 194 hits in 590 at bats.

How much Albert pujols make last year?

About $50,000,000

What team was Albert pujols on for his rookie year?

he started with the Cardinals

Who was the last Cardinal to win Rookie of the Year?

Albert Pujols in 2001.

Is Albert Pujols still in the Cardinals?

Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on December 9, 2011, for a 10-year, $254 million dollar contract with a no-trade clause.

How much does Albert pujols get paid?

a little over 14 million dollars a year

Did Albert pujols get traded to the angels or did he leave the cardinals?

Albert did get traded to the Angels for a 10 year contract on December 9th 2011