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An Air Show is not a sport. Air racing may be considered a sport, but an Air Show is not.

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Q: Is Air shows the second largest spectator sport?
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Largest spectator sport in world?


What spectator sport has the largest attendance?

United States--Baseball

What is the second most popular spectator sport?


What is the largest US spectator sport?

NASCAR aka Auto Racing

Which is second biggest sport in the world?

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

What is the second most popular sport in japan?

The second most popular spectator sport is marathons, then ekiden which is a long distance relay race.

What is Number one spectator sport in the US?

The number one spectator sport is NASCAR .

What is the number 1 and number 2 largest spectator sport in the US?

Considered by some as a sport but not all, the Nascar Circut draws more in attendance than any other competitive sport. American football is second, followed closely (due to the length of the season) is baseball.

Which professional sport is the number one spectator sport?


Which sport is the most popular as a spectator sport?

Football (soccer)

Famous British race horses?

Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in Great Britain and one of the longest established. Some famous British race horses are Brimham Boy, Avondream and Dutch Delight.

What is the most grossing spectator sport in the US?


What are example of why democracy is not a spectator sport?

because it cannot be watched, and it is not a sport

What popular sport Germany?

The most popular spectator sport is football.

What is the largest spectator sport single event?

The Indianapolis 500 race car event. The Indy 500 attracts around 400,000 spectators. The New York City Marathon is the largest single-day spectator event, attracting 2 million fans.

What was the NASCAR Grand National?

Nascar ran a series of races called the Grand National. It was a precursor of what is the largest spectator sport in the US today.

Is football or motor sport the biggest spectator sport?

bowling if you go to this sport its all over

Is dog fighting a spectator sport?


No 1 spectator sport in Singapore?


What is a person who watches a sport called?


What is a spectator sport?

A sport that is characterized by the presence of spectators, or watchers, at its matches. For instance, Tennis, baseball, basketball, football/soccer, and ice hockey are spectator sports

What spectator sport was most famous in 1800?

Horse races were probably the leading spectator sport in 1800, however foot races and walking races were also popular.

What is the US most popular spectator sport?


Where does horse racing rank in spectator sport?


What is the most popular spectator sport in America?