Is AJ Lee married

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, AJ Lee is married to former professional wrestler CM Punk. They married in June of 2014.

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Yes and has kids

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Q: Is AJ Lee married
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Is aj lee form WWE a lesbian?

AJ Lee is married to Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk.

Is CM Punk getting married?

He is married to AJ Lee.

Is aj lee married in real life?


Are aj lee and dean ambrose dating?

Well they were dating before aj lee married cm punk. 😏😔

Is AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan really going to get married?

No, AJ Lee is married to former "WWE superstar" CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan is married to "WWE Diva" Brie Bella in real-life.

What is golly?

I think aj lee and cn punk will get married because they are ment to get married

Who is better aj lee or paige?

Aj lee

Is cm punk going out with aj lee?

Yes but they’re married!

Did cm punk ever date aj lee?


Who likes AJ Lee?

I think cm punk still has feelings for aj lee and daniel bryan and aj lee i think she likes cm punk better Her and Daniel was storyline only! In real life Daniel and Brie are married and were engaged at the time of the storyline, As for AJ Lee and CM Punk they were also engaged at the time and are now married.

Is aj lee still dating cm punk?

Nope, she is dating Brent Frost in real life

Who is WWE diva aj lee dating?

She is married to wwe superstar cm punk.